Monday, March 6, 2017

MFP Relocates Clinic for Torture Victims to Baltimore

Bon Secours Hospital in West Baltimore

Bon Secours Hospital, originally built in 1919,  has a long history of ministering to the sick and the poor in inner city Baltimore. In keeping with its tradition of compassion and justice for the people it serves, Bon Secours Health System in Baltimore entered into a formal agreement with Medicine For Peace to relocate MFP’S clinic for torture victims to the hospital site in November 2016.
Our team of doctors, nurses, interpreters, and befrienders delivers pro bono primary care, and performs medical forensic examinations for individuals seeking asylum in the U.S. because of alleged torture in their home countries. We partner with other non-profit organizations to offer a wide range of medical, mental health, and social services to torture victims. It is estimated that there are more than 40,000 torture victims in the DC/Baltimore region awaiting review by immigration courts.
MFP is active in the world-wide movement to prevent torture by educating Government officials, the general public, and the medical profession about the devastating effects of torture on its victims and the wider society in general.