Monday, February 9, 2015

Lewis Marshall, M.D., 24 Years of Service

Drs. Michael Viola and Lew Marshall on their way to Iraq.

No one exemplified the dedication and courage of a Medicine For Peace volunteer more than Dr. Lewis Marshall  who died earlier this year. A member of the Executive Board of MFP for 24 years, he was a member of MFP’s first medical missions to Iraq, Bosnia, and Haiti, and served as Co-Director of the MFP Health Center for Victims of Torture.

Dr. Marshall was born in Culpepper, Virginia, and raised in a segregated Washington, D.C. Rather than become embittered by the racism he experience, he developed a deep understanding and compassion for the poor and oppressed. Medicine was his sacred calling, and the vehicle he would use to help those in need.

Lew was educated at the Howard University School of Medicine, where he later taught, and received his clinical training at Cook County Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins Hospital.  In his internal medicine and infectious diseases practice in Washington, Lew cared for mayors, diplomats,  and the poorest of the poor. They all attended his funeral– in fact, an overflowing crowd of 1,000 saddened friends waited on the church steps.

Lew was especially well liked and respected by our colleagues in the conflict zones where we worked. He seemed at home whether practicing in Hyattsville, MD, war-torn Baghdad, a refugee camp in Bosnia, or in a mountain village in Haiti. His legacy will surely be the affection of all those he cared for, as well as the high esteem of his colleagues.

The Medicine For Peace family mourns the loss of a close friend and an inspiring physician. His moral compass kept us on track for more than two decades.

Dr. Lew Marshall at the Tuzla refugee camp
after the massacre at Sebrenica during the Bosnian War.