Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gros Morne, Haiti

The team of Medicine For Peace physicians and volunteers arrived in Port-au-Prince on Friday, February 19th. The team is currently working in Gros Morne, Haiti (located 65 miles north of Port- Au-Prince). The town of Gros Morne has, on average, approximately 27,000 residents, with an additional 100,000 persons living in mountain villages that surround the town. Following the earthquake, 1 million people left Port-Au-Prince; approximately 20-25,000 of these people resettled in Gros Morne, including 5,000 school children. The town is desperately poor with few resources to support its own residents, let alone the influx of displaced persons. Nevertheless, the residents of Gros Morne have welcomed their relatives and friends into their homes, and continue to do so; more are likely to come to the town as Port-Au-Prince is still experiencing aftershocks. The Medicine For Peace team is mapping out a long term plan with community leaders and hospital administrators to provide medical care for the displaced Haitians and to ensure that they have access to food. More updates to follow from Gros Morne.