Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010 Update
The Executive Board of Medicine For Peace has made a number of strategic decisions regarding MFP's role in in crisis in Haiti. The Board has agreed on the following:
  1. Fundraising activities should be accelerated and specifically focused on preventing a second wave of deaths from infection caused by unsanitary conditions and the contaminated water supply. Children are particularly susceptible to infections following catastrophes that destroy the civil infrastructure. Fundraising should be focused on purchase of antibiotics and oral rehydration salts, and targeted to stock hospitals in the countryside that have been neglected, poorly supplied, and now overrun with patients fleeing Port-Au-Prince.
  2. MFP disaster response medical personnel that have been assembled and waiting to be deployed should wait until logistical problems (transportation, food, shelter) that are plaguing the relief effort have been solved on the ground.
  3. The ongoing work of Medicine For Peace in the impoverished and under served region of Gros Morne should not be interrupted, even though the region did not suffer major damage during the earthquake. It is critical that The Women's Health Initiative focusing on early cancer detection that was initiated last fall should move forward as planned.
Medicine For Pace will continue fundraising through direct pleas for assistance, over the Internet, and through a series of fundraisers. A major fundraiser will take place next Wednesday night(January 27) in Washington, DC. ( more to come later on the time and location of the fundraiser).- M. Viola